Nintendo is launching a YouTube Affiliate program at some point this year, but so far we know absolutely nothing about how it will function. As it turns out, we have seen some of the beginnings of the idea already, with a more fleshed out version to be coming later.

Reggie: Think of it as an affiliate program where we will be providing access to executives, information, et cetera, encouraging that group of affiliates to create content on our behalf. When we unveil our affiliate program it’ll be clear how different entities can play and likely there will be a place for the kinds of examples where you reference, like, look, ‘All I want to do is capture some of the content and put it out there,’ not add a lot of value. There’ll be a role for that.

But, candidly, what we really want is folks who are going to work with us to create some unique, compelling content, because we believe that benefits both entities. Again, you look at that Mega64 video, last time I looked, close to a million views, and that benefits them and that benefits us.

The first thing we needed to do was make sure that the content that’s out there was representative of the franchises. These are our lifeblood. These are our children. We needed to make sure that the content there was reflective of what these franchises are. The next step is working with the YouTube community to provide access to information, access to executives, to help them create world-class content, leveraging our franchises.”

Source: Kotaku

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