Towards the end of Super Nintendo’s life, Rare began working on an fairy tale-inspired game called Dream. Using the impressive game engine behind the Donkey Kong Country games (allowing for 3D effects on Super Nintendo), Rare set out to create an RPG about a boy named Edson and his dog Dinger. Eventually development shifted to Nintendo 64, and the fairy tale theme was switched out for pirates.

Dream was never finished or released, but out of its ashes rose Banjo-Kazooie. During development, Edson was replaced by a bear (and before that, a rabbit), and the development team fell in love. The process of creating a big, 3D RPG became too much for the team, and the focus shifted to creating a new game world centered around the bear character. You can check out Rare’s detailed breakdown video of the history of Dream and Banjo-Kazooie by clicking above.

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