A few weeks ago we reported on the tragic news that Unsho Ishizuka, best known as both the narrator and the voice of Professor Oak in the Japanese Pokémon anime, passed away after a battle with esophageal cancer. Since then, The Pokémon Company has been faced with the challenging task of replacing the voice of a beloved character, and it appears they’ve now found their man.

According to Tokyo TV, voice actor Kenyu Horiuchi will be taking over as Professor Samson Oak of Alola. In the past, Ishizuka voiced both Samson Oak and Samuel Oak (of Kanto), so it’s likely that Horiuchi will do the same, although that is not yet confirmed. The Pokémon Company has also not yet confirmed who the new narrator will be.

Kenyu Horiuchi has an extensive history of voice acting for TV, film, and video games stretching back to the mid-80s. This includes his role as Metal Gear‘s Raiden, which he has held since Sons of Liberty in 2001.

Source: Serebii

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