With Hyrule Warriors Legends being on the 3DS, one cannot be surprised by the fact that it will be utilizing StreetPass. Along with confirming this, producer Yosuke Hayashi also shared a few tidbits of interesting information about the game, such as Amiibo functionality and the its current level of development.

First off, StreetPass is going to be utilized while in Adventure Mode. You and your friends will be able to help each other out gaining new items and characters when you take on new missions. Currently, the development is 60% complete, yet there are still a wide range of things that have not been decided—such as DLC and extra characters. Amiibo is also planned to work for the 3DS, just as it does for the Wii U. The expected release date is sometime during quarter one of 2016, but nothing is finalized yet.

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Source: Famitsu (via NintendoEverything)

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