Bandai Namco has recently updated the Japanese website for Pokkén Tournament with new information about the arcade game’s Wii U release, including a Wii U-exclusive campaign mode as well as other game modes and features. The single player campaign is called the Ferrum League, and it takes place in the brand new Ferrum region, a place where trainers and their Pokémon are linked by items called Resonance Stones. In this mode, you can beat stages in one of four ranks (the Green, Blue, Red, and Chrome Leagues) to unlock new support Pokémon and battle areas.

The Wii U version of the game also features exclusive trainers to battle who are tougher to beat than other trainers, such as Travis and his Garchomp, Keith and his Suicune, and Erin with her Braixen. The game also features at least four other game modes in addition to the Ferrum League. In Practice Mode, you can hone your fighting skills without having to worry about any time limits or health; in Free Training mode you can “freely train” for battles, and Combo Dojo mode will teach you how to use various combos for your Pokémon. There is also the My Town mode, which allows players to customize their character’s appearance and clothing by spending an in-game currency called PokéGold. In
Pokkén, players can customize their character by changing their gender, skin color, hair, and more.

The update also included a fresh set of screenshots for the game, which you can check out in the gallery below!

Source: Bandai Namco (via Serebii)

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