UPDATE 2: Nintendo has posted a video showing more gameplay, and additionally the Pokemon X/Y website has been updated, with all of the Pokémon and characters revealed in the leak!

Update: Nintendo has revealed all of this information, and according to the description of the video:

Meet cool characters like Shauna, Tierno, Trevor, Serena, and Calem, as well as the Gym Leaders for this region. Finally, catch a glimpse of new Pokémon, including Flabébé, Litleo, Scatterbug, and Spewpa.

Almost all of the information that was leaked in the CoroCoro scans has been made available on the Pokemon X/Y website, and with the localized information, to boot. The names of the towns are Vaniville Town (Asame Town) and Santalune City (Hakudan City). Your journey begins in Vaniville Town, and apparently your family has a Rhyhorn. The friends introduced are Shauna (Sana), Tierno (Tieruno), Trevor (Toroba), and Serena/Calem (based on gender choice). The five of you all start your journey together. Shauna is outgoing, energetic, and interested in her friends’ adventures. She also gives you a nickname, it seems. Tierno is welcoming, “burly[,] and nimble, and his goal is to create a dance team with his Pokémon.” Trevor is eager to complete his Pokédex and is intellectually curious. In one of the images he mentions a “Coastal Kalos [Pokédex],” which raises questions about the different upgrades that may be available. Your next-door neighbor (either Serena if you play as a male or Calem if you play as a female) is possibly the closest to what regular Pokémon players may consider a rival, as he/she will challenge you and is eager to become a strong Trainer.

Presumably between Vaniville and the next city is Santalune Forest. Viola is the Gym Leader (and also a photographer!) at the first city, Santalune City, and her older sister Alexa (Pansy) will apparently act as a guide at some point when you are there. Viola’s type of choice is indeed Bug-type Pokémon. Hopefully early on during your visit, you will receive Roller Skates. In one image you can see the fountain of Santalune which looks like a Roselia. In another there is a person wearing a helmet and elbowpads (for rollerskating). Additionally, another image contains what appears to be this generation’s version of a Hiker.

The newly-unveiled Pokémon are Litleo (Shishiko) and Flabébé (Furabebe), and the evolution tree of Vivillon is as follows: Scatterbug > Spewpa > Vivillon. Litleo [Little and leo (lion)] is Fire/Normal-type and can learn Noble Roar. Flabébé [possibly flower and bébé, fr. baby; possibly a play on flambé] is Fairy-type and can learn Fairy Wind. It is noted that “Flabébé clings to a flower early on, and then cares for it for its entire life. Because of this, Flabébé may be found holding flowers of different colors.” This could mean that there may be in-game variation of the flowers, or it may simply be regular Pokédex jabber. [Both, in my opinion, look like pre-evolutions, but that is merely speculation.] Both of the pre-evolutions of Vivillon are Bug-type, whereas Vivillon gains a typing, becoming Bug/Flying-type. Scatterbug [scatter and caterpillar and bug], the pre-evolution, can learn String Shot, and Spewpa [spew? and pupa] can learn Protect.

Original Post Text: More and more information pertaining to the new Pokémon games continues to pour out. On Tuesday there was a Pokémon Roundtable, and now some CoroCoro scans have been leaked. They include images of new Pokémon – such as the evolution tree of Vivillon – as well as some new characters.

From what Serebii is reporting, it seems that you start off in Asame Town, and there are three other characters (Sana, Tieruno, and Toroba) who are starting their Pokémon journeys as well. It is unclear as to whether they will be companions, rivals, or something in between. There are also two other characters, Pansy and Viola; Pansy is possibly the girl who is your companion in the forest shown in the video, and Viola is a Gym Leader for Hakudan City who specializes in Bug-type Pokémon.

As for the newest additions to the ever-growing Pokédex, we have the pre-evolutions of Vivillon: Kofukimishi and Spewpa, all of which are Bug-type. Shishiko, a Fire/Normal-type, was also announced, as was Furabebe, a Fairy-type Pokémon.

As CoroCoro has not officially been released, this information is not 100% confirmed. Additionally, aside from Spewpa and the already-announced Vivillon, most of these names are the Romanji for the Japanese names, and not the English version names.You can head over to Serebii to see more details about the freshly-translated scans.

Thoughts on all of the Pokémon information that has been coming our way recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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