3D is one of the most central aspects of the Nintendo 3DS—or at least it was until Nintendo announced the “2DS.” I can’t think of a game for Nintendo’s successful handheld that doesn’t make full use of its 3D features, but it appears that that game may soon come. Pokémon X and Y, the much-anticipated new entries in the Pokémon series, will only be using the Nintendo 3DS’s 3D effect in the game’s battle sequences, and it will make no use of the system’s stereoscopic display when players are in the overworld.

This was discovered when a NeoGAF user pointed out a message on the bottom of the recent Pokémon X and Y commercial, which describes the titles as “2D game[s] with some 3D game play.” A user by the name of Dawg claims to have played the demo, and says that he “can confirm 100% 3D is only used in battles, not the overworld.” Furthermore, Dawg says, the 3D effect in battles can tend to cause framerate issues when using attacks with grandiose visual effects, but the framerate is unaffected by these moves when the system’s 3D effect is turned off.

It’s shocking to me that this news didn’t come as soon as the demos hit PAX Prime, so I’m still just a little hesitant to believe it with everything I’ve got, but with the evidence stacking up, it seems the games won’t play in full 3D after all; that’s going to be really disorienting after accustoming myself to playing so many 3DS games in 3D. Oh well. I suppose a game with so much news is bound to have a few clunkers.

On the bright side, this method allows for more game time, as your battery won’t be drained nearly as fast, and this also makes it the perfect game to launch alongside the Nintendo 2DS. But I can’t help lamenting the idea that I’ll have to constantly be re-adjusting myself to playing in 2D and playing in 3D any time a battle comes around.

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Source: NeoGAF

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