Ya like jazz?” So go the immortal words of the great legal scholar Barry B. Benson, and they couldn’t be more relevant today for fans of the popular new Pokémon games Sun and Moon, which are breaking all kinds of sales records for Nintendo. Their incredible soundtrack is one of these games’ highest accomplishments, and now you can listen to eight of your favorite Alolan melodies reimagined in one beautiful jazz album, called “Alola That Jazz.”

Alola That Jazz is the latest album by Carlos Eiene, better known as the popular YouTube musician “Insaneintherainmusic,” who’s previously released a number of video game cover albums, including the Undertale-inspired “Live at Grillby’s” and “Back to Your Littleroots,” based on music from Pokémon‘s Hoenn region.

To get a little taste of what
Alola That Jazz has in store for you, you can check out the preview embedded below:

If you like what you hear, you can find the full
Alola That Jazz album at the following links (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify) and start enjoying lovely twists on your favorite battle music, town themes, and adventurous musical motifs. And, whether or not you buy the album, if you want to follow Insaneintherainmusic’s work, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and of course on his YouTube channel, where he uploads impressive new jazz arrangements of video game music every Saturday.

Alola That Jazz is officially licensed through Distrokid, a service which lets independent artists legally distribute works based on pre-existing material.

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