Niantic has spent the day teasing the arrival of Trainer Battles in Pokémon GO. The often-requested feature will be making its way to the mobile game soon (no specific release date has been revealed yet), and in the meantime, Niantic is trickling out details over Twitter. Included in today’s drip feed of news was the fact that Trainer Battles will be divided up into three Battle Leagues.

Before entering into a battle, players will select the Great League, the Ultra League, or the Master League. These leagues are distinguished from one another by Combat Power levels. In the Great League, only Pokémon with a CP of 1,500 or less can enter. For the Ultra League, the maximum CP is 2,500. The Master League has no CP limit at all, making it the toughest league.

Niantic noted that creating three leagues allows them “to create an experience that everyone can enjoy and ensure that different kinds of Pokémon can show their strengths!” It’s still unclear exactly how Trainer Battles will work, but it looks like there will be lots of options for competition.

Source: Niantic

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