Many successful mobile games rise to the top only to fizzle out and disappear from the public mind a few months later, but every now and then a popular app really sticks around. That’s been the case so far for Pokémon GO since it burst onto the scene in 2016. After its insanely lucrative first six months, numbers began to slip somewhat in 2017, but developer Niantic quickly revitalized it with a steady flow of new content.

Niantic continued supporting Pokémon GO with new monsters (including the all-new Meltan and Melmetal), missions, and community events throughout 2018, and it had a major impact on player spending. According to the latest estimates by Sensor Tower, Pokémon GO generated $795 million throughout the year. That’s an increase of 35% over the app’s 2017 revenue. That averages out to around $2.2 million per day, up from $1.6 million in the previous year.

As usual, the United States made up the biggest portion of the total revenue. US gamers spent around $262 million, or nearly one-third of the global revenue. Japan came in second with $239 million in spending. This brings the lifetime revenue of Pokémon GO up to an estimated $2.2 billion since its debut in the summer of 2016.

Source: Sensor Tower

Ben Lamoreux


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