When Pokémon GO made its debut in the Summer of 2016, it was an undeniable global phenomenon. Niantic’s Pokémon adventure shot to the top of the charts in no time and quickly pulled in over $1 billion. The game’s popularity eventually began to dip, but Niantic has regularly updated it with new features and monsters, and this year it saw a return to form.

Based on the latest data, it’s not going away anytime soon. According to research by Sensor Tower, Pokémon GO generated $84.8 million in the month of September alone. If that can be maintained as a monthly average, Pokémon GO would continue to be a billion-per-year money-maker, which is pretty impressive over two years after its launch.

Pokémon GO has been steadily climbing for months, and September marked its highest total in nearly a year. It was also an 89% increase in revenue over last September and a 15% increase over the previous month. The game received 8.86 million new downloads in September, which was nearly double what it achieved during the same month last year.

Niantic and The Pokémon Company will continue to look for ways to keep Pokémon GO popular going forward, including integration with other games in the franchise. You’ll be able to transfer monsters caught in GO to the upcoming Let’s Go games on Nintendo Switch, including the Mythical Meltan.

Source: Sensor Tower

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