Welcome to the pilot episode of Gamnesia’s new, more casual podcast: Gamnesia After Dark! Featuring less news and more silly stories, we’re aiming to help you get to know us on the staff a bit better and maybe have a bit of fun while doing so. This week, Steven, Aloisia, and Alex discuss the games we’re currently playing, as well as diving into the games that define who we are as gamers.

This is our first episode of the new podcast, so we want to hear your feedback! If there are things you didn’t like, let us know so we can work on improving those going forward. Equally as important, if there are things you do like, let us know so we can try to do them more.

As a preemptive warning, Gamnesia After Dark will make use of stronger language than our past podcasts have. While we certainly hope you will listen to and enjoy this and all subsequent episodes, we advise you to listen with caution if you are sensitive to such language.

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