E3 2018 has been jam packed with press conferences from many of the biggest names in gaming, including Nintendo. The latest
Nintendo E3 Direct included extensive looks at the hotly-anticipated new Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon titles, DLC packs for Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a new Mario Party, a handful of third-party titles, and even some surprises. Join us as we break down the exciting announcements!

We filmed this one in a hurry so it’s pretty fast-paced and laid back…so much so that we forgot introductions! For reference, from left to right we are Elijah Holt, Ben Lamoreux, and Hombre de Mundo. In our rush to get to the show floor we also forgot to talk about
Super Mario Party, but for the record, we’re all pretty stoked about it! We’ll also be recording and posting some more impressions from the show floor later in the week.

Our Verdict


Ben Lamoreux


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