The latest round of Super Smash Bros. DLC is here, and while it brings a nice new stage, it carries along with it a handful of Mii outfits and two stages—one for each version—ported from a different iteration of Super Smash Bros. Yet to get this content in both versions of your game costs nearly $15.00. In fact, if you want to get all the DLC that’s currently available (completely excluding the wealth of content they surely have planned), it’s going to run you $72.06 plus tax.

This is one of the subjects we discussed on
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You could make the argument that the costume prices are fine on their own, and even the stages and characters to some extent. But this DLC is still just a small, small fraction of how much content was included in the original games. Even if you think that paying $12 more for the DLC than you do for the Wii U version of the game is justified, there’s no arguing that Nintendo shouldn’t at least offer a season pass.

These prices are out of control, and this is coming from the same company that once stood so strong against putting high price tags on their DLC.
New Super Luigi U introduced a full game’s worth of new levels for half the price of the original game. Hyrule Warriors offered four packs that brought us several new characters, Adventure Mode maps, weapons, and even an entire new game mode, for twenty bucks. Mario Kart 8 expanded its game content by nearly 50% for just twelve dollars. Hell, Splatoon‘s rolling out new DLC on a regular basis entirely for free. But in Smash Bros., the best you can get for twelve bucks is the fourth DLC pack, which only includes a handful of Mii outfits, one new stage, and a slapped-in port of a returning stage.

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. lit the internet ablaze with fury when
they announced that the Arkham Knight season pass would cost $40. Smash Bros. is already charging nearly twice that price for a comparatively light amount of content, and there’s no way Nintendo doesn’t have at least this much, if not plenty more, coming in the future. If Warner Bros. gets that much flak for charging $40, Nintendo should get at least that much for charging $70 and counting. If it’s not okay when Batman does it, it’s not okay when Nintendo does it.

If you’d like to learn more about the high-price model of
Super Smash Bros.‘ DLC and how it goes back on everything Nintendo promised they stood for, check out an editorial by Nintendo Week’s very own Alex Plant.

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