Banjo and Kazooie are a beloved duo that Nintendo fans have been dying to see return to their former glory after being sold off to Microsoft, and the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot was likely the best chance to voice that message to Nintendo loud and clear. And while Banjo and Kazooie were one of the most popular choices for the Fighter Ballot all around the world, their sticky IP situation could still be too big a barrier for them to join the roster.

We thought their status with Nintendo would be a good talking point on
this week’s episode of Gamnesia’s Nintendo podcast, seeing as we’re joined by Liam Robertson, better known as Tamaki from Unseen64, who’s a big fan of Banjo, Smash, and knows far more than we do about the corporate environment within Nintendo. Check out the discussion video above for our full thoughts on how Banjo and Kazooie could rejoin the Nintendo family and jiggy into Smash, or keep reading for a brief, brief summary.

Robertson explains two main obstacles preventing Banjo and Kazooie from joining
Smash, despite Xbox Boss Phil Spencer’s apparent endorsement. First, Microsoft and Nintendo are not only direct competitors in the console market, but Nintendo has no ongoing relationship with Microsoft in the way they do with other companies like Konami, Capcom, and more, whose characters have appeared in Smash. More importantly, however, he explains that Nintendo’s top brass has far too much pride to ask Microsoft for permission to use a character that they used to own and made the decision to sell—especially considering they’d then have to pay royalties on every DLC purchase.

There are plenty of ways Nintendo and Microsoft could work together on the
Banjo IP and turn it into something that benefits both companies as well as the fans, but unless that day ever comes, we’d need a mumbo miracle.

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