The PlayStation Classic will be hitting stores next week, but reviewers have already gotten their hands on a few. And from the looks of it, the PlayStation Classic is a lot less than the sum of its parts. Reviews so far have been mixed to poor, with many sites pointing out some glaring flaws that probably won’t be fixed by the time it’s ready for retail.

The PlayStation Classic’s game selection caused some heads to turn when it was first announced. It omitted several classics like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon and instead added a few titles that, by comparison, felt like filler. Now that reviewers have gotten their hands on it, a few more flaws have come to light.

IGN’s Tristan Ogilvie said that the lack of joysticks causes a fair few of the games to control very poorly by modern standards and that HD televisions are not kind to mid-90s graphics. Michael McWhertor of Polygon even pointed out that, other than Intelligent Qube, all the games included on the PlayStation Classic can be downloaded onto other PlayStation platforms at a much cheaper price. At $99.99, many reviewers simply do not think that the contents of the PlayStation Classic are worth such a steep price tag.

By all accounts, though, fans of the PlayStation One will probably enjoy the PlayStation Classic, reviews be damned. At roughly $5 a title, gamers can do the math themselves and see if it’s a worthy holiday buy. However, it’s a little daunting to see reviews like these ahead of release. To borrow a phrase, “preorder canceled.”

Source: GameSpot

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