With the recent launch of Okami HD on Nintendo Switch, we’re reminded again what a wonderful adventure that classic Capcom game is. Unfortunately, it never received the true sequel it deserved. Sure, there was Okamiden on Nintendo DS, but it couldn’t quite capture the same magic that made the original so great. As it turns out, Platinum Games wants a sequel just as badly as fans do, and they pushed hard for one a few short years ago.

Liam Robertson has released another excellent Game History Secrets video, giving us insight into a canceled Okami 2 project. According to his research, Capcom and Platinum Games began to talk about the possibility of collaborating on a classic Capcom IP sometime in 2015. This is around the same time that Okami director Hideki Kamiya tweeted out a poll asking his viewers if they’d prefer to see Okami 2 or another Devil May Cry game.

By 2016, Capcom and Platinum were really getting down to business and discussing which game they should tackle together. Okami 2 was the clear favorite, but Viewtiful Joe was in the running as well. Capcom favored the former, as the latter had less brand recognition and thus was less commercially viable. Unfortunately, neither would make it into full development.

Capcom had concerns regarding Platinum’s ability to stay on schedule and under budget, and those concerns quickly derailed Okami 2 talks when inner turmoil made Platinum seem less table. According to various sources at the company, then-CEO Tatsuya Minami had become increasingly unpopular at Platinum for his poor communication, leaving workers and investors alike in the dark on key details and leading to a sense of isolation.

Minami would step down from his position in March of 2016. Little reason was given officially, but it was reported that the Board of Directors ousted him over these concerns. As a result, Capcom pulled the plug, and Okami 2 vanished. That said, Platinum and Capcom remain in friendly contact today, so there’s always hope for the future.

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