persona5theroyalahhhhhAfter months of waiting and slow news drips, Atlus finally dropped the mother lode of Persona 5 The Royal information a few minutes ago. The reveal came at the end of the first day of the (excellent) Persona Super Live 2019 concert in Tokyo. Persona 5 The Royal was officially named one month ago during a brief trailer in which we caught our first look at a new female character. Until today, we were still mostly in the dark about what the game would actually contain.

As Persona 4 Golden did before it, Persona 5 The Royal is going to be an enhanced version on the original, adding in new characters, new areas, and a new part of the school year. The first new character is one we’ve seen before, though we haven’t gotten any information on her until now. Kasumi Yoshizawa is a new student at Shujin Academy and excels as a gymnast. She seems to be driven by her own goals and will eventually join the Phantom Thieves in pursuit of them. Another new character is Takuto Moruki, a school counselor brought in to help students deal with the aftermath of early events in the game. While not playable, Takuto acts as one of the game’s confidants, filling the new role of “The Consultant.” The trailer also teased a human Morgana, making him even more like Persona 4’s Teddie.

0910""In addition to these characters, Atlus is bringing some other new content to Persona 5 The Royal. Notably, there are new places you can visit, such as DARTSLIVE3, where you can hang out with your friends, and Kichijoji, which is supposed to represent Tokyo. The game’s already incredible UI is getting an update, and new menuing features are being added to make checking your status even easier than before. There’s even a new opening and ending theme!

As if I’m not already going ballistic over this reveal, Atlus is dropping even more Persona news tomorrow. Persona Super Live 2019 is a two-day event, the second part of which will be held tomorrow at 6:00 AM EST. During this performance, information will be released regarding Persona 5 S. If you’re up early enough, you can catch the concert either on Niconico or on the official Persona Twitter account. Niconico premium members can tune in starting at 6:00 AM, while everyone else can watch beginning at 6:30 AM. If you’re looking for more news on Persona 5 The Royal, however, you’ll have to wait a little bit. The next bit of information will come out on May 9th. At least it’s not a whole month this time!

Between Persona 5 The Royal and Persona 5 S, I’m ready for the Phantom Thieves to take my heart (and my money)! Persona 5 The Royal launches on PlayStation 4 (with PlayStation 4 Pro support) in Japan on October 31st, while those in North America and Europe will have to hold out until 2020.

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