Persona fans have been itching for more news on the upcoming Persona 5 R title for a few months now. Despite this thirst for information, Atlus keeps insisting on a slow drip of information and teases which do little more than give us more mystery and yet another date to look forward to. Such was the case yesterday, where, following the new Persona 5 OVA “Stars and Ours,” a new trailer for the game was released. While this short video did give us a title, a look at a new character, and a little hint at the upcoming conflict, it ultimately raised far more questions than answers.

The trailer opens on a city square, one rainy night. Standing in the midst of a crowd, a mysterious girl looks onward at a screen bearing the Phantom Thieves’ logo. She’s wearing the Shujin Academy uniform — the same school that the protagonist and a few of his comrades attend. Responding to a voice asking her “What do you think of the Phantom Thieves?” she replies, “I think helping people is a wonderful thing, but if I had to say, I don’t like them. I don’t think the Phantom Thieves’ methods will make the world a better place or help anyone. In the end, I feel like you can only solve that yourself.”

This trailer is revealed to be for the newly titled Persona 5 The Royal. Aside from the name and the look at the new character, not much else is known. Presumably, The Royal will be a definitive edition of the original game, much in the vein of Persona 4 The Golden, with the additional content focusing on this new character. I’ve seen some talk that she might even be playable, but I personally think this is unlikely, given the translation of her speech. The game’s website also lists it as being an RPG launching for the PlayStation 4, giving a bit more credence to this theory.

In any case, it’s clear that there’s still a lot we don’t know about Persona 5 The Royal. In keeping with their actions thus far, Atlus has promised that more information will be revealed on April 24th at the Persona Super Live concert. What do you think about what we’ve seen so far?

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