Blizzard Entertainment has just released another developer update video to announce that they are making two changes to Overwatch. The first is the long-awaited highlight recording system, which will allow players to save their best plays more easily, and the other is an exciting change to how loot boxes will work in the future.

The highlights system is getting upgraded with the ability to now permanently save videos on your console or PC. Overwatch will continue to provide players with five clips as they play, and rather than worry about losing them as time goes on, you can now store them forever on your system. You also won’t have to worry about losing these clips before you save them, either, as Overwatch will itself store these top five clips for 24 hours after they’re made. On PC, the quality of the permanent saves can be as much as 60FPS 4K footage, since the game rebuilds the moments in-engine and then takes its time to process them faster than most computers normally can.

More importantly, though, is a new section of the highlight system called “Recently Captured,” which will let players press a key during their games to record awesome gameplay moments—up to 32 at a time! These clips can also be saved permanently to your hardware system, freeing up those 32 slots so you can keep finding more and more amazing moments.

Additionally, Jeff took a minute to reveal that “significant improvements to the loot box experience” are on their way, with the primary upgrade being a drastic reduction in the number of duplicate cosmetics. These adjustments should be “immediately evident” when they come into play, and they should hopefully help players find those new skins and emotes they’ve been after with much greater ease. Of course, up until now, duplicates earned you in-game currency, but don’t worry about this change affecting your income—Blizzard is compensating for the drop in repeat cosmetics by increasing the credits earned from what duplicates you do find, which should provide players with a similar, if or better level of income.

Both of these new changes are now available to try out in the game’s PTR, so go give them a test run if you want to see them in action! Are you excited for these changes? Let us know below!

Source: GameSpot

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