Overwatch‘s 30th hero was finally revealed, and he looks a little different than what we expected. Previously, it was announced that the thirtieth hero would be Echo, the robot who was revealed during Ashe’s introductory short. However, it appears that there was a change of plans. The new hero is a support character named Baptiste, a combat medic from Haiti.

Jean-Baptiste Augustin was a child who was orphaned when the Omnic Crisis reached Haiti’s shores. He joined the Caribbean Coalition to fight back, but once the Omnic Crisis ended, he struggled to find his place in the world. To support himself, he eventually had to join Talon, the villainous organization run by Doomfist. Baptiste eventually realized that he was on the wrong side of history and ran from Talon.

Baptiste is a combat medic whose primary weapon can fire damaging bullets or healing grenades. He cannot, however, use his grenades to heal himself. He’s currently the only hero in Overwatch with two different types of bullets to manage. Additionally, he comes equipped with boots that greatly increase his jumping ability and a shield that can make anyone inside become immortal. His ultimate, “Amplification Matrix,” creates a wall that greatly increases the damage of attacks that pass through it. This does stack, meaning that a character being charged up by Baptiste, Ana, Mercy, and Orisa at the same time can basically kill anything with one bullet.

Baptiste’s release date is currently unknown, but he is currently playable in the public test realm, so it’s only a matter of time before he’s ready for everyone to try out.

Source: Polygon

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