Overwatch recently celebrated its second anniversary, and developer Blizzard has kept their team-based hero shooter popular with regular updates, including new playable characters to steal our hearts, new maps to master, and new game modes to spice up the action. With the anniversary event in the rear view mirror, it’s time once again to look to the future. What’s next for Overwatch? We’re not sure, but Blizzard is definitely teasing something.

The official Overwatch Twitter account recently posted a gif with the caption “Calm before the storm.” The image depicts an alley covered in graffiti (including a “No Bots” sign) and posters. This location doesn’t appear to be from any currently playable maps, so many are speculating that a new map will be revealed soon. More optimistic fans also believe Blizzard could be preparing to reveal a new playable character, the 28th Hero.

What do you hope to see next from the team at Blizzard? Sound off in the comments below!

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