No one would really ever expect one of the adorable monsters from Pokémon to serve as inspiration for something really terrifying, right? Well, according to the director of the upcoming film Kong: Skull Island, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Cubone served as part of the inspiration for his “Skull Crawler” monster. Vogt-Roberts credits a few other sources for the inspiration for this monster, including No-Face from Spirited Away, the first Angel in Evangelion, and a monster from the original 1933 King Kong film. According to Vogt-Roberts, this new monster is meant to be “this crazy cross-section of what my original take on it would be.”

Vogt-Roberts wants the Skull Crawler to be his
“version of a giant monster,” and it’s safe to say he’s created something terrifying here. Check out his full quote:

“I’m also really proud of the Skull Crawler design because that’s my version of a giant monster. That creature, beyond being a reference to a creature from the 1933 film, is also this crazy fusion of all of the influences throughout my life – like the first angel from Evangelion, and No Face from Spirited Away, and Cubone from Pokemon. It’s this crazy cross-section of what my original take on it would be. I’m proud of all the designs. Hopefully you feel like the creatures aren’t redundant.”
— Jordan Vogt-Roberts

The Skull Crawler looks horrifying, even just at a glance. What do you think of this monster and its connection to lovable little Cubone? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Fandango (via GoNintendo)

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