Capcom’s beloved Okami is headed to Nintendo Switch on August 9th, giving Nintendo fans the chance to experience the adventure in HD for the first time. Okami HD on Switch will support motion controls and touch controls, and you can play it at home or on the go. Japanese players will have the option of buying the game physically at retail or digitally as a download. Unfortunately, Okami HD is only planned as a digital release in other territories.

If you’re a collector bummed out by the lack of a boxed release in the West, we’ve got some good news! The Japanese version of the game will support English in its physical release. Since Switch isn’t region-locked (a common complaint of past consoles), you’ll be able to import a physical copy from Japan and play it in English on your non-Japanese Switch.

You can pre-order the standard physical release and the limited edition version at Play Asia.

Ben Lamoreux


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