Update: Serkan Toto has tweeted out that this interpretation of the original tweet is likely inaccurate, as the phrase in question is commonly used to wish others well. We’ll keep an eye out tomorrow to see if anything happens, but in the meantime, it sounds like we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

Original: Over the past few weeks there’s been an increase in rumors surrounding the upcoming Pokémon game (or games) on Nintendo Switch. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, numerous sources have corroborated on the idea that there will be two games—one themed after Pikachu and one themed after Eevee. With that in mind, some recent activity by The Pokémon Company’s official “Project Eevee” Twitter account is rather interesting.

If you’re not familiar with Project Eevee (and most people outside of Japan are not), it’s an Eevee-themed merchandise line / marketing campaign that kicked off in Japan a few months back. There’s tons of cute Eevee (and Eeveelution) plushies and accessories, and there’s also
Twitter and Instagram accounts that track an Eevee doll’s journeys around the world. Eevee is already popular on his own, but if the rumors about an Eevee-themed game is true, then this elaborate pro-Eevee campaign makes a lot more sense.

This mid-morning in the US (or late at night in Game Freak’s headquarters in Japan), Project Eevee tweeted out a screenshot from
Heart Gold / Soul Silver of the character being told the late time. It’s a lovely little “good night” post from the account, but the message also says “Let’s rest slowly and prepare for tomorrow.” Is this just a generic message encouraging fans to get a good night sleep, or is Project Eevee preparing for tomorrow with good reason?

Most of the rumors suggest that a reveal is imminent, and Emily Rogers in particular believed it would be in May. There’s also the fact that the company Nintendo uses to reserve domains recently registered
websites that match the rumored titles. Sun and Moon were both revealed shortly after their domains were registered. If this thing is real (and the evidence is growing), all signs point to a reveal any day now. Will tomorrow be the day?

Source: Project Eevee

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