As of today, the much anticipated Octopath Traveler has finally been released to the world, and official reviews of Square Enix’s new RPG have been flooding in. Almost everything about the game has been garnering massive praise from reviewers, so it looks like the Nintendo Switch has another hit on their hands!

At the time of writing, Metacritic lists 33 different review scores for the game, thirty of which are positive and another three which gave it a 7/10 “mixed” score, for an average of 84/100. There are also another ten reviews listed from sites which decline to score games with a number system. The game is being called a wonderful send-up to the RPGs of the SNES-era, which is appropriate since
Octopath Traveler is meant to be a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy VI. Its reinvention of turn-based combat adds new depth to the age-old fighting system.

The main criticism, noted even by many of the sites that have given it positive scores, seems to be the lack of cohesion and interaction between the eight characters’ storylines. Perhaps cutting one or two and turning the game into
Sexapath Traveler would have been a better idea? Maybe so, maybe not.

Octopath Traveler is available today exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Will you be picking up this new title today?

Source: Metacritic

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