The NPD Group has just released its report for the month of July, providing us with details on video game software and hardware sales numbers in the United States. Summer is typically a slower time in game sales, but revenue is up 14% overall for July compared to last year. Leading the charge at number one on the software charts is none other than Octopath Traveler.

We don’t have exact sales figures at this time, but the Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG topped the charts just based on its retail sales alone. Nintendo doesn’t provide digital sales figures to the NPD Group, but it didn’t need them to outsell every other game in July. The top ten list includes five Nintendo Switch exclusives, and as a result, Switch was also the top-selling hardware for the month.

Nintendo leads all publishers in software revenue for 2018 in general, and that number is up 70% over last year. Microsoft and Sony aren’t exactly struggling themselves though, as Xbox revenue is up 50% and PlayStation 4 is still the highest-selling console of the year with strong software sales alongside it.

Source: Venture Beat

Ben Lamoreux


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