Sean Murray, CEO of Hello Games and lead developer on the universe sandbox No Man’s Sky, recently revealed what the game’s day-one update would contain. The update predominantly focuses on adding a lot of new gameplay features, but it also balances item management and fixes bugs that were reported by a person who bought a leaked copy of the game.

This expansive update in large part serves to balance resources, and it also makes galaxies a potential 10x larger and adds a larger variety of space station interior. It even adds more story in the form of the “three paths” and their multiple endings.

“The Three Paths – there are now new, unique “paths” you can follow throughout the game. You must start the game on a fresh save, with the patch, as early choices have significant impact on what you see later in the game, and the overall experience.”
Sean Murray

Murray also wants people who retrieved early copies to restart the game in order to better the experience for themselves. While people’s save files have not been wiped, on August 7th and August 8th the
servers were, meaning any planet and species names that existed no longer do.

Hello Games was supposed to be on break during the last five weeks, but they just couldn’t take their minds off of the game. This resulted in the team deciding to quickly work on the update, with Sean Murray quipping that ”
most of us were back here the day after we went gold, working on this update.” They have also disclosed that the next update will allow players to command their own massive freighter and even build a base! If you want to see the full list of changes made in the day one update, check them out here.

No Man’s Sky comes out in North America on August 9th (today!) and Europe on August 10th for the PlayStation 4, and on August 12th on PC. Let us know what you think of this most recent update in the comments below!

Source: No Man’s Sky Official Website

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