It has been known for quite some time that Nintendo will not be holding a major press conference at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) like they have in the past. Now, Nintendo will still be in full force at E3, and still plans to impress. However, rather than holding one large conference, Nintendo will be delivering updates via their highly successful Nintendo Direct medium, and hosting demos that normally would be exclusive to E3 goers only at their Nintendo World Store, and through a partnership they’ve announced with Best Buy.

Today, we reported that Nintendo has launched the Nintendo @ E3 website that will be used to bring gamers all the exclusive Nintendo news from E3, as well as trailers and, possibly, Best Buy locations where you can go and find the demos at.

My Nintendo News has also reported that:

“Nintendo has announced via the newly opened E3 site that its Nintendo Direct will be one hour-long. The Wii U focused Nintendo Direct which takes place on June 11th begins at 7am PT and is bound to include a number of highly anticipated games including Mario 3D, Mario Kart U, and Wind Waker HD. As always, we will be covering the Nintendo Direct as it happens.” sickr
(Quote pulled from a report on My Nintendo News by sickr.)

Can you imagine a 1 hour Nintendo Direct, filled to the brim with E3 updates, news on the Wii U and upcoming games, and all things Nintendo? My body is ready! The more I learn about this upcoming E3 and the future of this generation of consoles, the more excited I get! E3 is only a few short days away. Who all is excited? Do you plan on tuning into Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct E3’s? Is this the right move for Nintendo? I now give you permission to comment below.

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