By now, many of you know that Nintendo has teamed up with Best Buy to bring its E3 demos into the hands of consumers, rather than just the lucky E3 attendees. Additionally, according to a recent tweet from Nintendo, their very own Nintendo World store in New York City will also be hosting the E3 demos from June 11th to June 15th. Many fans have been hoping that, with the more widespread availability of the E3 demos, Nintendo will release them on the eShop, but this will “always be unlikely.” According to Jools Watsham of indie developer Renegade Kid:

“(Demos) are held to the same testing and standards as final games – so it can result in some fails before a demo is ready for the eShop.”
— Jools Watsham

In other words, demos at E3 go through less rigorous testing than eShop demos and thus may be unfit for release through Nintendo’s online service. While this could lead to some seriously bad PR for Nintendo if their E3 demos are buggy and unprepared, there’s no reason to fear — many of these games have been in development for years.

E3, and thus these demos, and only a few weeks away! What are you most excited for?

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