Fans have been begging Nintendo for any information on their upcoming console for months, and Nintendo finally released a preview trailer yesterday, officially unveiling the mystery “NX” as Nintendo Switch. The video focused on the console’s primary hook (playing games at home or on the go on the same device), but it left many unanswered questions. How much will it cost? What was that Mario game we saw in the video? What are its specs?

Unfortunately, those questions (and many other) won’t likely be answered soon. Takashi Mochizuki of The Wall Street Journal has been told by Nintendo not to expect any more official announcements related to its games or specs (including whether or not it’s region-locked) this year.

Nintendo will issue its second quarter earnings release on October 26th, and investors and journalists will likely have many questions about Nintendo Switch in the days that follow. However, it doesn’t look like Nintendo is prepared to share too many details at this time.

Source: Takashi Mochizuki

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