Nintendo, you just couldn’t help yourselves. Inherently, the
above ad, and two more you can find at Kotaku, aren’t too terrible. It’s aimed
at families and sure, it’s nice that Nintendo brought them to NoA in order to
talk about the Wii U itself. The problem, however, rests in the marketing you
are presenting on screen yourself. Not only are these ads barely showing off
anything that it appears you need a Wii U to play (New Super Mario Bros. U
again… really?), but the official advertising is actually referencing the
console as an upgrade to a Wii, not
an entirely different product that can stand on its own.

This pretty much confirms much of what Michael Pachter has said
about the console from day one – calling it a Wii HD, and it seems Nintendo
themselves is now buying into this notion. As a Nintendo fan it’s a shame
because remarks like this are exactly what I have been fighting against on the
internet and in the consumer world. But when Nintendo themselves are now
touting it like this… what else can I really say? Maybe it is, after all,
just a stepping block into a new console in 3 years.

For those wondering, yes, Nintendo disabled comments on all of the videos on YouTube. Why? It’s pretty obvious: This advertising is only hurting the Wii U’s image, not helping. What happened to “this is the console for U” and “you wont need to own another console if you own a Wii U”. Oh, so it’s a Wii 2.0? Wii HD? Why didn’t you say so!

Our Verdict

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