With 2015 coming to a close, Games Industry has decided to take a look at the stock market performance of the medium’s largest public companies. Focusing on the Nikkei 225 index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nintendo beat out Sony as the best-performing hardware manufacturer. This can be largely attributed to a massive boost Nintendo got in March when the company announced its plans to enter the mobile market. Meanwhile, despite the strong performance of Sony’s PlayStation 4, investors appear to remain cautious as Sony’s broader business continues to diminish in returns.

While not reaching the heights of Nintendo, Capcom came out king of Japan’s smaller game publishers, maintaining a consistent lead above its competitors for nearly all of 2015. The year also showed growth for most of the other publishers, including Square Enix and Bandai Namco. Even Konami found significant success due to their new “mobile first” approach, despite their various PR disasters throughout 2015. However, SEGA Sammy Holdings stands out as this year’s major disaster.

Finally, on the mobile front, CyberAgent started the year off strong but met with an eventual decline from April to present. March and April spikes for DeNA and the Korean company Nexon, respectively, saw the two competing at the top for the rest of 2015, ending with a sudden drop for DeNA and one final spike leaving Nexon at a significant lead. DeNA’s fluctuations are attributed to the March announcement of its partnership with Nintendo in the company’s upcoming mobile endeavors and the delay of Nintendo’s mobile games in November.

You can view all the data in chart form below.

Source: Games Industry

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