Back in 1995, Nintendo launched the Broadcast Satellaview add-on for Super Nintendo, allowing Japanese fans to experience content broadcast over satellite TV. This occasionally included exclusive games, like the Zelda spin-off Ancient Stone Tablets or BS Super Mario Collection, a new version of Super Mario All-Star with extra content. In the case of the latter, Nintendo made some rather strange music choices.

While traveling around the overworld of BS Super Mario Collection, music plays in the background, as you’d expect from a Mario game. However, not all of the music is Nintendo originals. Nintendo licensed out a seemingly random handful of songs to add to the game, including The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News, The NeverEnding Story, and even Rick Astley’s now-infamous Never Gonna Give You Up.

This is one of many bizarre tidbits revealed in the latest episode of Did You Know Gaming. The new episode focuses on obscure Mario facts, from the early days all the way up until Super Mario Odyssey. You can check out the full video above!

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