The most defining feature of the Wii U is undoubtedly the GamePad. A few games have used this feature to great success as a second screen for Off-TV Play or as a way to quickly access your inventory or maps. However, this feature also remains one of the biggest points of confusion among consumers. The general perception seems to be that the GamePad tends to be underutilized, thus raising the question of why it even exists. However, that may change soon, thanks to Star Fox Zero. According to the game’s directors, Yugo Hayashi and Yusuke Hashimoto, the hope with Star Fox Zero is that it will help justify the value present in the GamePad.

There have been a number of recent and upcoming games that have made great use of the GamePad. Star Fox Zero is the latest game to prove the GamePad has value, according to Hayashi:

“Splatoon has gyro-shooting using the GamePad itself, and then Mario Maker, uses the GamePad to aid the creation of the stages. Along with those titles, we want to be one of the titles that is really making the case for the GamePad. We have that objective view and that first-person view and we’ve kind of used those together in an interesting way. I’d like to think that we’re part of this group of titles that is really justifying the GamePad.” — Yugo Hayashi

He then continues by saying that the GamePad is hard to understand without actually experiencing it in person:

“Until you get your hands on the game and you’re able to play a game like
Star Fox Zero and see how the two screen structure works, I think it is difficult to understand. When you are doing something new, and people just hear about it, it’s hard to understand, but now with titles like Splatoon and Mario Maker we’ve created games that allow people to understand.” — Yugo Hayashi

Yusuke Hashimoto added on to this, saying that the dual-screen mechanic feels unique:

“The feeling of being able to fly around on the television feels really good and then you have a totally different feeling on the GamePad, in terms of flying around and shooting. Being able to do those two things at the same time, is not something I’ve ever seen before.”
— Yusuke Hashimoto

Do you like how the GamePad is being integrated into
Star Fox Zero? Does Star Fox Zero have a chance in helping to prove that the GamePad has value, or is it too little, too late? Only time will truly tell!

Source: Polygon

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