Nintendo 3DS saw strong sales through its first two years, but sales have declined in each of the past three years and Nintendo has slashed expectations on several occasions. Thanks to the launch of New Nintendo 3DS, that trend looks to be coming to an end. Speaking with the Washington Post, Nintendo executive vice president of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt announced that 3DS hardware sales in America are actually ahead of last year’s pace.

3DS games have been releasing at a slower pace recently, the mobile market has proven to be tough competition, and NX is rumored to include a handheld model, so some expect Nintendo to begin phasing 3DS out soon, but Moffitt says this isn’t the case. According to Moffitt, 3DS is here to stay.

Washington Post: There’s been a lot of discussion about handhelds and their continued relevance to the market, given the rise in casual gaming on smartphones. What’s the argument that Nintendo makes to consumers to say, “No, you really want a dedicated handheld gaming device”?

Scott Moffitt: Nintendo 3DS is here to stay. Let me throw out a number that might surprise you. So far, on a global basis, Nintendo 3DS has sold more hardware than PS4 and Xbox One—combined. Most people find this shocking.

Obviously we don’t deny the impact of smart devices on the gaming market. But it’s a mistake to consider this a zero-sum game. Clearly gaming on smart devices and gaming on Nintendo 3DS can happily coexist, to the benefit of all gamers. The fact is, playing games on two very different hardware platforms means options for two very different kinds of game play. The inclusion of multiple control buttons on Nintendo 3DS allows a much deeper and more sophisticated type of play.

Washington Post: How do you see 3DS working with Nintendo’s growing interest in mobile games? Is there a way to make that a pipeline into handheld?

Scott Moffitt: From our first mention of the intent to provide game apps for smart devices, we’ve been clear that we expect this expansion of our intellectual property to bring people to our dedicated platforms. So we intend to provide enjoyable experiences on both smart devices and our dedicated Nintendo 3DS line.

3DS has been on the market for a little less than five years so far, which is two years less than DS had as Nintendo’s primary handheld. However, DS was incredibly successful, and 3DS has not been able to match its numbers, so it will likely have a shorter life cycle.

Source: The Washington Post

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