Unseen64 recently reported that Nintendo tried to acquire the rights to “one of the biggest properties I can think of”, and a report has revealed that to definitely be the case: Nintendo attempted to acquire exclusive rights to make games based on the Harry Potter franchise. If they had succeeded, they would have had complete control over adaptions of the franchise, but likely would only use them to make video games. This means they might have potentially prevented films altogether. Yes, that’s right — we were that close to losing Daniel Radcliffe and company.

According to a former Nintendo artist, the report claims that two groups had pitched for the video game rights: one of which focused on a third-person adventure title, while the other was based around the wizarding sport Quidditch. Nintendo’s intention was to create the games internally and release them on their own hardware to coincide with the launches of new books in the series.

Author J.K. Rowling ended up denying Nintendo their prize, since similarly interested companies like Disney and Universal had influence in areas outside of video games, such as films and television. Eventually Warner Bros. took the rights, bringing us the delightful films we know and love today.

Do you think Rowling made the right choice? What would it have been like if Nintendo had acquired the rights to one of the biggest properties of all time? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Unseen64

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