Tuesday’s E3 Nintendo Direct gave countless viewers a shock when Sakurai, having caved to fan demand, announced Ridley as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Personally, though, I got nearly as much of a jolt (and even more excitement) from another surprise reveal earlier in the Direct: a reveal trailer for Killer Queen Black, an adaptation of BumbleBear Games’ hit arcade game Killer Queen for home platforms. For the final segment of today’s Nintendo Treehouse stream, we got a closer look at Killer Queen Black‘s gameplay and its changes from the arcade version.

For those unfamiliar, here’s an overview of the arcade version’s gameplay. One player per team controls the Queen, armed with a sword, while the other players control Drones, who perform various tasks around the map—they can also evolve into Warriors and join the Queen in taking down the other team’s players. What makes the gameplay so deep and intricate is that there are three ways to win a round; a match is decided by best of five. A Military Victory is achieved when the Queen, who has three lives, is defeated. Drones can also claim an Economic Victory by bringing enough berries to their team’s base, or a Snail Victory by slowly riding the snail at the bottom of the screen to the corresponding goal—all while avoiding an assault by the opposing teams Queen and Warriors.

The original Killer Queen began as a single arcade cabinet of a 5-on-5 team strategy platformer, with one huge screen per team. Through popular demand and various crowdfunding efforts, cabinets have slowly spread across the United States. Now, BumbleBear has partnered with developer Liquid Bit to bring the game to Nintendo Switch and PC as Killer Queen Black. The folks at Nintendo Treehouse spoke to staff from BumbleBear and Liquid Bit, who showed hands-on gameplay and described some of the changes to the home version; this includes cutting teams to four player each, presumably to make the game more console-friendly, as well as online and local play between Switches. You can check out the reveal trailer and full Treehouse coverage below!

Killer Queen Black is currently expected to launch this winter in the first quarter of 2019. Having played the game with friends at Up-Down in Kansas City, I could not be more excited to see Killer Queen reach a wider install base.

Sources: Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 2018, Polygon

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