Nintendo has recently performed an interview with French gaming site Gamekult. Kosuke Yabuki, director of Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8, and Hideki Konno talked about the upcoming Wii U entry in the kart-racing series. We learn some interesting development choices and even decisions between choosing franchises.

Mario Kart 8 started development just over a year ago. The title is being developed by EAD Kyoto with no help from other studios. The new anti-gravity mechanics of the title were influenced by other Nintendo games that used the type of gameplay, such as Super Mario Galaxy and F-Zero. Going off the topic of F-Zero, the developers were inquired on their choice to not make a new entry in the series. Here’s what they said.

“It has always been a Mario Kart per console, so we wanted to get a new one for more people interested in our new machine.But I also hope that there will be an F-Zero.” — Hideki Konno

“I also think you will agree that the world of Mario Kart is well suited to the twists and turns of the track related to reverse gravity.” — Kosuke Yabuki

The duo also stated the top priority concerning the GamePad is the remote display. Other development ideas exist, but they are less important to the creators. They also mentioned the demand for a Double Dash team-up system using the GamePad. Hideki Konno says the idea was considered for both Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 7, but it won’t see the light of day anytime soon. Mario Kart 8‘s tracks have also been narrowed compared to the Wii entry in the series, reflecting more on the size of the road. The duo also admit no aspect of the game gets development priority, as karts and tracks are often created at the same time.

In addition, the pair confirmed that kart customization is back, à la Mario Kart 7. Players can choose their karts, tires, and gliders. There will be more creative choices available, but the developers wanted to keep that quiet at this time. They also gave their opinions on level editors, saying players expect too much sometimes. Guess we won’t be able to create our own tracks anytime soon…

Mario Kart 8 will arrive on Wii U next year.

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