It’s been a long wait, but Nintendo has finally given us our first look at their new console. The long-awaited “NX” was officially revealed today as Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s first “preview trailer” for the upcoming console (launching in March) confirmed the reports that it’s a handheld/home console hybrid with detachable controllers and cartridges, and it also gave us a look at some of the games we can expect to see.

Throughout the course of the trailer, we see a variety of games running on the system. Nintendo is bringing Splatoon to the console, as well as a new Mario game and what appears to be a new version of Mario Kart as well. While the visuals appear very similar to Mario Kart 8, there are notable differences, such as two item slots and a playable King Boo. The trailer also shows off some third-party support, including Skyrim Remastered and an NBA title. You can find the trailer right here if you haven’t yet seen it for yourself.

The trailer also gave us a look at a few control options. Nintendo Switch will have its own Pro Controller, and the base unit features detachable controllers called “Joy-Con” controllers. They can be used in tandem much like a Wii remote and nunchuck, or they can be used individually by two players.

Are you happy with the lineup we’ve seen so far? Sound off in the comments!

Update: Despite the fact that Skyrim appeared in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, Bethesda has issued a statiment clarifying that they aren’t confirming any specific games for the console

Update 2: Nintendo has clarified that fans should not assume the footage shown during the trailer represents gameplay. At this time they are unwilling to confirm that any of the games shown (outside of Breath of the Wild) are coming to Nintendo Switch. 

Source: Nintendo Switch Reveal

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