With Nintendo finally unveiling every detail about the Nintendo Switch, we have finally learned some new information about its launch titles. During the Nintendo Switch presentation, the first game that was officially revealed as a launch title was 1, 2 Switch. The game was made to be played with multiple people with the Joy-Con controllers. According to the reveal trailer, there are many settings in which these mini-games will take place, including western, wizard, and rock band settings. 1, 2 Switch can be played without looking at the screen and implements the aforementioned HD Rumble feature, which is a brand new enhanced form of the rumble feature.

All you have to do is stand the Switch up on a table, detach the Joy-Con controllers, give one to a friend, and you’re ready to play!
1, 2 Switch is scheduled to be released on March 3rd alongside the console.

Source: Nintendo Switch Presentation

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