Nintendo made a big splash with their plug-and-play NES Classic console in 2016. The stocking stuffer was a hot item that was almost constantly sold out from launch until its discontinuation. Nintendo eventually restocked the miniature console and followed it up with the SNES Classic, which was even more successful.

Thanks to the latest numbers from Nintendo’s earnings release, we now know that the Classic brand has continued to sell well through the 2018 holidays. Nintendo reports that for the nine months of the current fiscal year (April 1st – December 31st, 2018), the Classic consoles sold a combined 5.83 million. Three months ago that number was 3.69, so they moved more than 2 million units over the past quarter.

At the end of last fiscal year, Nintendo listed the NES Classic at 2.3 million and the SNES Classic at 5.28 for a combined 7.58 million. Add that to the 5.83 million they’ve sold this fiscal year, and you’re looking at a grand total of just over 13.4 million Classic consoles sold. Nintendo has no plans to continue selling the consoles into 2019 and beyond at this time, so that may be close to the final figure.

Source: Nintendo

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