Over the past few months we’ve seen an exponential increase in breakthroughs in the Nintendo Switch modding and hacking community. Modders have altered Switch to back up save files, to run the SNES Classic software, and to play other emulated games. Some have gone so far as to say that the Tegra X1 architecture makes the console completely compromised in a way Nintendo can’t fix.

As you can imagine, Nintendo’s not too pleased about these developments. They’ve used firmware updates to battle exploits up to this point, but with hackers finding ways to circumvent those restrictions, Nintendo has decided to get tough.

Over the past few days, at least two Switch modders have had their consoles banned from all online functionality. That means no eShop access or online play whatsoever. The two people confirmed to have been banned are SciresM (the same person who declared Switch completely compromised in April) and Shiny Quagsire. The latter contacted Nintendo, but was told that they would not remove the ban on his system.

We’ve seen similar actions from Nintendo in the past, as they banned 3DS consoles with early, leaked copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon. If anything, it’s a little surprising it took them this long to crack down. The current model of Switch remains vulnerable to exploits, but a recent update could point towards a newer, more secure model on the horizon.

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