Nintendo’s planned lineup for November and December of 2015 has changed quite a bit recently, as two major titles were delayed out of the important holiday window. Nintendo announced that the new
Zelda game for Wii U had been delayed a few months ago, and just last month Shigeru Miyamoto himself revealed that Star Fox Zero won’t launch until next year either.

Video game companies make around 50% of their total profits in the last six weeks of the year, and those were arguably Nintendo’s two biggest remaining announced games. However, Nintendo UK marketing manager Chandra Nair doesn’t believe that the delays leave Nintendo with a weak holiday lineup. According to Nair, many Wii U owners haven’t purchased a lot of the top-rated games already available on the system, and these older games will be system-sellers.

“Mario Kart 8 continues to be popular week-in, week-out, even after all this time. And Splatoon is still a relatively new title and something that kids have been pestering their parents for, so we anticipate that bringing these two fantastic games together in one value bundle should be a popular move.

“There’s this old-school expectation that a company has to launch their most high profile software title in November, otherwise it doesn’t have a system seller for Q4. This definitely isn’t the case especially since the Nintendo audience is so broad. We will always focus on releasing games when they’re ready and this has led us to having some of the highest review scores in the industry.

“We’ve also got Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, which will continue to strengthen our family proposition in the run up to Christmas. On top of this, many of our customers can only afford to buy so many titles a year, so we’re in an enviable position whereby many of our Wii U owners have yet to play all the classics. There’s plenty to enjoy for Wii U owners and an array of reasons for newcomers to buy a Wii U now.”
— Chandra Nair

One other title that Nair didn’t mention is
Xenoblade Chronicles X, which is slated to launch in North America and Europe on December 4th. Do you think these games alone will be enough to drive Wii U sales this holiday season?

Source: MCV (via Nintendo Everything)

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