Splatoon, Nintendo’s new IP that puts a fun twist on the shooter genre, is off to a great start. Splatoon has been received positively in all markets, and it debuted at number one in Japan and kept that title in its second week. Nintendo of Canada head Pierre-Paul Trepanier has given us a little more insight (although no exact numbers are listed), revealing that its pre-order numbers were close to Mario Kart 8‘s. Actual sales of the game in its first weekend were about half of Mario Kart 8‘s, which Trepanier called “extraordinary” for a new IP. Here’s his full quote on the subject:

“Our presale numbers were amazing, close to Mario Kart 8 numbers a year ago, which is amazing because Mario Kart is an established franchise. Splatoon’s challenge is that a few months ago, nobody had ever heard of it.

“I love that as a dad it’s something I can play with my seven-year-old. It’s a complete revolution on what a shooter can be.

“We’re looking at first weekend sales of about half of where Mario Kart 8 was. Given that Mario Kart 8 was one of the best-selling games last year, that’s extraordinary for a brand new IP like this.”
— Pierre-Paul Trepanier

Mario Kart is a well-established, popular brand, so managing similar pre-launch hype and about half as many sales is a very solid early sign for newcomer Splatoon.

Source: Alphabeatic

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