The Holidays are approaching, and commercials are inbound! One video we’ve got from Nintendo highlights the fun gameplay of Yoshi’s New Island — with adorable intro animations. Meanwhile the other, just as cute, highlights gameplay of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS. To see for yourself, just look at the videos above. What do you think about Nintendo’s new advertisements?

As for me? Oh. Em. Gee. I can NOT handle the cute child voice that narrates these new Nintendo commercials. Of course one could expect these types of commercials as it is so close to the holiday season, but I think Nintendo nailed it with these. Not too cheesy, no too childish, but they definitely cater to the younger crowd. If you have children without a 3DS, under no circumstance should you let them watch these adorable ads.

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Mariah Beem
I am very fond of video games, which is why I chose my major of Video Game Design with focus on Narrative. The idea of being able to make people feel the way I do about games through my own game is my main goal. I want to be able to give gamers a way to connect and be brought together by an experience that could be powered by elation, sadness, or even fear. It is emotions such as those that hook people into games and make them want more. By connecting a well-thought story with mechanics, character design, level design, and even audio, a game can be unstoppable - and ridiculously fun to play. I believe that narrative design is not a static thing. For narrative to be done well, it must be fluid and dynamic - something that is able to be changed by the player. Whether that be by choices, the knowledge the player gains from exploring, or simply who the player talks to, the story must bend and change and grow. This is why I want to be a narrative designer: there is definitely more to it than meets the eye, and I love a challenge.


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