In recent months, Nintendo has been talking a lot more about expanding their brand awareness and making better use of their rich library of characters and games. In addition to entering the mobile market, partnering up with Universal to create theme park attractions, and seeking out new merchandising opportunities, Nintendo is also prepared to start making movies and other videos. In fact, they recently announced that they hope to start putting out video content within the next five years.

Speaking with Japanese publication Asahi Shimbun, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima fielded some questions about the company’s movie plans. While he wouldn’t directly answer any questions about the specific IP they’ll utilize (initially just saying that Nintendo wants to make “something everyone can enjoy”), he later acknowledged that there’s “a strong demand” for a
Zelda movie.

Question: Would it be movies for Zelda or Mario?

Kimishima: We’d like to use IPs that are really quite popular. But I can’t exactly say “we’re doing Mario!” All I can say is that we’ll make something everyone can enjoy.

Question: Well, if we’re talking movies, it seems like the Zelda series would be a good fit, considering how popular it is overseas.

Kimishima: Put that way, of course we understand that it’s something there’s a strong demand for.

Question: So you feel there’s many people who want a Zelda movie?

Kimishima: That’s right.

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Source: Asahi Shimbun (via Nintendo Everything)

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