Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a massive success with high review scores and record-setting sales numbers, but it also has its flaws. In addition to a handful of significant glitches that have been discovered since launch, some players have experienced considerable lag when playing online. This issue was amplified during the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North America Open when Nintendo appeared to mislead viewers about the choppy state of an online match.

During the bout between Seth and Isnacks, there was a significant amount of lag. At one point, the camera cut away from the game itself to a panel of announcers who claimed that the lag was only happening on the stream, not in the game itself. Viewers were told that the players weren’t experiencing the lag and that it wouldn’t show up in the video on demand after the fact.

However, Isnacks disagrees with this take. When asked about the match on Twitter, Isnacks stated confirmed that he experienced “a lot of lag” during his third match. Additionally, the video on demand has been uploaded to YouTube, and the lag is still very much present. Whether intentionally or not, it definitely looks like Nintendo mislead viewers about the stability of that match.

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