Yesterday marked the launch of Nintendo’s innovative new Nintendo switch tie-in experience. Nintendo Labo allows you to create custom cardboard peripherals that interact with Switch features like HD rumble, infrared sensing, and the touch screen. It’s an exciting new way for kids (and kids at heart) to learn and play, and workers in the field of education are already starting to take notice of its potential.

Christopher Dring of Games Industry recently got the chance to visit Nintendo’s UK offices for a demonstration of Nintendo Labo, and he came away convinced that it belongs in classrooms. According to Nintendo, he’s not the only one who feels that way. The Nintendo UK employees he spoke with during his visit revealed that they’ve already been approached by several schools in the UK hoping to get Labo in their classrooms.

Establishing Labo as an educational tool could be a huge win for Nintendo, similar to how Nintendo DS was used in some Japanese schools. Nintendo hasn’t publicly announced any specific plans to get Labo into schools, but if schools continue to express interest, it’s likely only a matter of time.

Source: Games Industry

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