Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima recently sat down with Japanese publication Asahi Shinbun to discuss their plans to delve into the world of video content. Thanks to NeoGAF user GSR, we have the full translation. While the fact that Nintendo has been working on movies is nothing new, it turns out their plans go deeper than that. According to Kimishima, Nintendo will invest heavily in film going forward, which includes other forms of video content in addition to the movies.

When asked about investing in new fields for Nintendo’s IP, Kimishima said that Nintendo isn’t interested in licensing the characters, and thus they would invest heavily in film using the money from the sale of the Mariners:

“We aren’t looking to make money simply by directly licensing our characters, but we must invest heavily in new areas such as film production going forward. When we’ve finalized that sale [of the Mariners], we’d like to use part of the proceeds in these areas.”
— Tatsumi Kimishima

Kimishima then continued by saying that film is a broad category and that there are more opportunities available than simply movies:

The most common meaning is films, but there’s a variety of opportunities such as video content. We’re currently talking with a number of partners, and I think we’ll be able to finalize something in the not-too-distant future.” — Tatsumi Kimishima

I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has planned. Until we know more, we’ll have to settle for rampant speculation based on what we’d most want to see. Personally, I’d love to see a
The Legend of Zelda anime or a Splatoon cartoon.

What would you like to see Nintendo do with their IP?

Source: Asahi Shimbun (via NeoGAF)

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